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Save Water and Money in your Landscape Maintenance

Posted on 30 September, 2019 at 18:35 Comments comments (98)

Save Water and Money in your Landscape Maintenance

Frequently, landscape irrigation wastes water. Properly managing your irrigation system can help you reduce your annual outdoor water use by nearly 8,800 gallons, equivalent to the amount of water used to take 500 showers!


Improve the health and water efficiency of your outdoor space with the proper irrigation system.

An irrigation professional will help you design an irrigation system that best suit your landscape and local climate conditions, install the appropriate equipment and ensure proper scheduling of your irrigation system to optimize performance and efficiency.

Recommendations to minimize water waste in your yard:

• Use regionally appropriate, drought-tolerant, or native plants that thrive in your climate.

• Add mulch to plant beds.

• Check sprinkler heads for breaks or leaks and make sure water is going where it's needed.

• Test your irrigation system to ensure the zones are programmed correctly.

• Check your irrigation system to look for water efficiency improvements.

• Create an irrigation schedule that makes seasonal adjustments easy.

• Retrofit your irrigation system with new, water-efficient technologies, such as a WaterSense labeled controller, rainfall sensor, or high-efficiency sprinkler nozzles.


We’ll be glad to help you choosing and installing the right irrigation system to enhance your outdoor beauty and save water.

Call or text at 415-670-9469 / 415-678-0171

Email us at [email protected]


6 Benefits of Exterior Painting and Staining

Posted on 20 September, 2019 at 23:35 Comments comments (1)

1. Prevents termite damage

Painting and staining seals off exposed areas that are prone to damage from termites and other wood-eating pests.


2. Protects your home from harsh winters

We all know the effects extreme temperatures, salt and ice can have on us, so just think about what your house goes through! A fresh protective coating adds a barrier between your residence and Old Man Winter.


3. Extends siding lifetime

Vinyl siding should last up to 50 years. However, everyday wear and tear can cut down on that lifetime. Painting can help to not only keep vinyl siding looking fresh, but also extend its life and keep money in your pocket.


4. Increases curb appeal

If you’re putting your house up for sale, a freshly painted exterior makes a world of difference. Even if you aren’t planning to sell your house, giving the exterior a refresh can boost the charm of your neighborhood.


5. Maintains structural integrity

Mold and mildew can break down the structural integrity of your home’s wood surfaces.


Unprotected wood is much more susceptible to water damage. If your wood surfaces go unprotected, they can absorb water from rain and dew and begin to soften, swell and decay, thus leading to replacement of boards or even entire decks or siding.



6. Saves you from splinters

In extreme cases, you may be able to save your toes from splinters and even add a year or two to the life of your wood deck or patio with products that are meant to permanently seal and resurface wood surfaces.

HVAC Repair: Why You Should Call a Pro

Posted on 21 August, 2019 at 22:05 Comments comments (118)

HVAC Repair: Why You Should Call a Pro



While DIY can be a great concept for trying your hand at building a coffee table or turning an ordinary jar into a colorful centerpiece, certain projects or repairs really require the technical know-how of a trained professional. When something goes wrong in the home, it’s tempting to try fixing it yourself. Unfortunately, this approach often leads to costly damages and dangerous situations when dealing with HVAC units. 


HVAC Repairs Can Be Dangerous

What you don’t know will hurt you. HVAC units are highly technical and use a large amount of voltage electricity. It’s best to stay away from these levels of electricity if you don’t know what you’re doing.


Heating and cooling appliances also use chemicals and refrigerants most of us are unfamiliar with. Handling these chemicals can be deadly if the proper precautions aren’t followed. Proper training and safety gear is essential to make sure no one is injured by or exposed to deadly chemicals used in these systems. Handling these chemicals also requires certification.

HVAC Work Requires Specialized Tools

You wouldn’t try to build a table without a hammer and a saw. The same is true for HVAC repairs. Specialized, professional tools are used to correctly identify and repair problems. Without these tools, you run the risk of creating even more damage to the unit.

Small problems can quickly become big problems. The most dangerous decision is trying to fix something you don’t know how to fix. One wrong decision can lead you to more damage than there was to start. The more you attempt to repair, the higher the risk of damaging a unit beyond repair.

Doing it right costs less than doing it over!

Contact us!


How about having your own area to relax and recreate?

Posted on 12 August, 2019 at 17:20 Comments comments (384)

After a long day of work, nothing better than getting home and relax…, but , do you really have a spot where you can just sit, read a good book or drink a glass of wine?

Get the most out of your garden area! At Fernando’s Handyman we can help you build a comfortable area for you and your guests.

We will help you design your garden, build a deck, make a new fence, plant beautiful flowers, plants and more!

Call us at (415) 670-9469, (415) 678-0171, or email us at [email protected]

We’ll be glad to help you create that place of your own.

3 Reasons to Replace your Toilet

Posted on 8 August, 2019 at 17:30 Comments comments (132)

3 Reasons to Replace your Toilet

1.Leaks: Leaks from either the toilet's tank or its bowl can go undetected for long periods of time, causing water damage to the flooring or subfloor. If allowed to continue, the entire floor may need to be replaced. Leaks can also cause damage to rooms below if the bathroom is upstairs.

Especially when dealing with older toilets, it may be more cost-effective to replace a toilet than find and repair leaks. Leaks not only cause damage but also consume water, which may increase your utility bill.

2. Poor water-use efficiency: If you have an older toilet, just flushing it on regular basis may have a negative impact on your utility bill. With the average person flushing five times a day, toilets make up about 31% of overall household water consumption.Toilets manufactured before 1980 can use up to 7 gallons of water with each flush.

Modern toilets are required to use no more than 1.6 gallons per flush.

3. Appearance: Your toilet may not match your current color scheme or even have any resemblance to your sense of style or home decor. Toilets with colors like avocado green and coral pink toilets were once in vogue, but today may make your home's bathroom appear hopelessly outdated.


Wether if your toilet is too old, has leaks, or you want to restyle your bathroom area we'll be glad to help you. 

Give us a call at (415) 670-9469 and we will give you a free estimate on your next  project!

How to make your roof last longer?

Posted on 8 August, 2019 at 16:20 Comments comments (108)

How to make your roof last longer?

Here’s how you make your roof last 15-30 years!

Your roof is one of the most vulnerable areas of your home. Different weather conditions like rain, constant sun exposure, wind, hail or snow, damage your roof. It may be inevitable, but giving proper maintenance will help you avoid bigger and more expensive repairs.

To increase the lifespan of your roof it is very important to have regular inspection, maintenance, and repairs.

Here at Fernando’s Handyman will be glad to help you avoid future unexpected expenses for roof damage.

Give us a call at (415) 670-9469 and we will give you a free estimate on you next roofing project!